Introduction to BioEssence Energy – Introduction, Overview of BioEssence Energy & Understanding the “Spiritual Essence” energy.

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What you will learn:

  • What is BioEssence Energy
  • What makes BioEssence Energy unique to other energy healing modalities
  • Your personality profile, how your brain is programmed.   Start to understand how your brain interprets information and transforms it into action to become your identity.
  • The three types of energy recognized by BioEssence Energy
  • Why the three energies are aliressed in a specific order
  • The BioEssence Energy Packets and the advantages of using them in energy work
  • You will learn how to do a “Trust Connection”
  • You will learn how and why to balance the brain, re-establish the innate “trust” connections and establish energy flow from head to toe
  • The importance of “Intention”  Ask, see and receive.
  • The power is in the question – “Open ended” questions
  • Learn to feel the BioEssence energies
  • Learn to send and receive energy
  • “Spiritual Essence” energy – what it is, how to evaluate it and how to balance it


Level 2 – Awareness of “Bioelectrical” energy and Application

What you will learn:

  • “Bioelectrical” energy – what it is, how to evaluate it and how to balance it
  • Basic concepts of the Five Element Theory
  • Entry/Exit Points
  • Alarm Points
  • Generation cycle & Control Cycle
  • Five Element Reconnection
  • "Flexing" the physical body
  • Optimizing physical function (thought form)

Level 3 – “Shen Essence” Energy: Where healing takes place

What you will learn:

  • “Shen Essence” energy - Spirit, Mind, and Emotions
  • “Shen Essence” points
  • Unresolved feeling and their target organs
  • Resolving ancestral issues
  • Accessing information
  • Constructing “Intelligence Packets”
  • Unresolved feelings and their target organs

Application to Animals (Intro To BioEssence Energy Required)

What you will learn:

  • Review of "Structuring the Energetic Field"
  • Tuning into our animals - the art of observation
  • Applying the BioEssence techniques