The BioEssence Energy Team

BioEssence Energy was born out of the combination of knowledge and skills of two individuals, Jeff Allen and Debra Mack.  Jeff and Debra crossed paths in May of 2007 as a result of their personal health journeys.  For many years both had been seeking answers to their health challenges for which conventional medicine had provided no real answers.

Jeff started his first business at the age of 19 consulting in animal nutrition, which he did successfully for 8 years.  During this time he started to develop and patent various water treatment technologies.

Throughout his life, Jeff has also had a passion for personal development, and helping others achieve their full potential.  In his passion, he spent many of his early years studying and following many of the well known professional trainers in the U.S.  Yet through all his training and studying, Jeff felt there was a more efficient and effective way to create a truly satisfying life.  On his path, he quickly discovered that if you do not feel well you can not do well.

Putting his inventive nature to task, Jeff developed several businesses dedicated to health and personal development.  He is the owner and president of Coaching Clarity, an executive business and life strategy company. 

More recently, Jeff founded Sante Longevity Center, LLC, a business dedicated to health rejuvenation through total body detoxification.  Through a process of physical detoxification combined with his unparalleled “Life Strategy” course, many people are finding the life changing physical, emotional and spiritual health and happiness they have been searching for.

In addition to his enterprising talents, Jeff is extremely gifted in his ability to work with energy, an innate ability he has developed and utilized throughout his life.

Debra grew up in the Midwest and from a very young age had an attraction to animals and healing.  She obtained a degree in veterinary medicine from Kansas State University in 1980.  Having been an avid and longtime student of medicine, and energy medicine in particular, she sought out training and certification in animal chiropractic and acupuncture as well as human acupuncture.  And most recent is the acquisition of a degree in naturopathic medicine.

Over the last 28 years she has owned three veterinary practices and for the last 7 years a human medical practice focusing on Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as naturopathic and biological medicine therapies.  

Debra is an owner and health consultant for Sante Longevity Center, LLC.  She became involved with Sante in 2007, shortly after going through the “10 Day Cleanse” detoxification process which she describes as a “life changing” experience for her. 

It is through the combination of Jeff’s enterprising talents and ability to work with energy and Debra’s background in medicine and various modalities of energy medicine that the concepts of BioEssence Energy were conceived and it is their goal that through the sharing of these concepts that you will be able to find healing for your mind, body and spirit and manifest the life you are looking for and that you deserve.