Using BioEssence with Pets and Animals

Have you ever felt helpless knowing that your pet was sick, in pain, or frightened and wished there was something you could do to ease their discomfort?

Now there is – Bio Essence Energy.

Through the use of the BioEssence Energy packets you can rebalance your pet’s energy relaxing and calming them and relieving pain and discomfort.  Animals are very sensitive and open to energy and respond favorable to the energy of the BioEssence Energy packets.  They don’t have a lot of defense mechanisms that inhibit the innate ability of their bodies to heal once the energy is unblocked and flow of energy reestablished.

For an older pet, a pet that is having pain from arthritis, or a pet that suffers with separation anxiety or unstable temperament problems you might want to consider the BioEssence Energy Collar.

  • Does your pet stress out during veterinary visits or while riding in the car?
  • If so, with this technique you can relax your pet and change the experience for both of you.
  • Would you like to do more for an ageing pet but can’t afford the number or frequency of visits needed to keep your pet comfortable?
  • If so, with the techniques you will learn you can keep energy from stagnating and leading to painful conditions in your pet.  You will also learn about some ways to use the energy packets on your pet on collars or clothes for a continuous therapeutic effect.
  • Do you wish you could reduce the amount of prescription medications your pet is taking?
  • If so, with BioEssence Energy you will be reestablishing energy flow to the organ systems which will likely reduce or eliminate some of the prescription medications your pet is taking.
  • Do you have a pet that needs help with difficult to manage temperament or behavioral problems?
  • If so, BioEssence Energy has a solution referenced in the testimony above.
  • Would you like to maximize your, as well as your dog’s performance in field trial, herding, conformation, agility, or obedience competition?
  • If so, in the training you will learn about your personality and how your brain works which will help you in relating to your pet as well as other people.  Also, free flowing energy in the body always maximizes performance on a physical as well as a mental level.
  • Would you like to have a technique to use in case of traumatic injury to reduce pain and calm and quiet your pet on the way to the veterinarian as well as reduce pain and speed healing during post injury recovery?
  • If so, use of BioEssence Energy technique as well as the energy packets can quickly and effectively reduce pain and calm the mind.
  • Would you like to increase the bond you have with your pet?
  • If so, spending time in a collective energy field with your pet is grounding and healing for both pet and owner.


“I am interested in letting my animal friends know how wonderful the energy packets are for animals!  In particular, I am referring to my 6 yr old English setter “Bryan” that has had issues with other dogs and where he fits in.  Debi made energy packets for him and put them on his collar. Over a 1 1/2 month period, he has only had one issue with another dog. It was a puppy, and I had issues with her too! 

Today I took Bryan to Debi to get his back adjusted. She started by balancing him. I was amazed to watch the change come over him. With the packets on his back, Debi said she could feel muscle activity.  He gave a huge breath in and out and WOW!  The arch in his back was GONE and she hadn't even adjusted him yet...............That was only part of the experience.  She was working with his crown chakra, and all of a sudden he just sat down with a glaze in his eyes as though to say "WHAT WAS THAT?  You could see something happened by looking into his eyes.   When we got home he slept soundly for an hour. 

Today, I can say that “Bryan” is calmer, more confident, less serious about life and ready to have fun with other dogs.  I am so grateful for what you have given him and me with your skills and knowledge.  Thank you!!  He is actually lying near me now, which he never does.  I am very excited about this. I can't wait to let my friends know about it!!!  “Motley”, my cat, is next in line!”    Trisha G.