What is unique about BioEssence Energy and what can I expect from attending a BioEssence Energy Seminar?

“This is a hands-on life changing healing art”, stated a BioEssence seminar attendee.

BioEssence Energy training is using your “thought form” or intention and amplifying it using a breakthrough technology energy packet to alter the subtle energies within the biological body. 

When you attend a BioEssence Energy Seminar :

  • You will be learning how to feel and influence energy in the body, whether it is for healing purposes or to maximize physical and/or mental/emotional energy and balance. 
  • You will be introduced to new ways of thinking; the concept of “intentional thinking” as well as learning to engage the unconscious mind to access a “Realm of Possibilities” for solution.  
  • And you will be learning about yourself; how your brain works and how you process information. 

Part of the BioEssence training is helping you come to the realization that there is a great deal of information, possibilities for outcome or solutions to any problem out there that we aren’t accessing.  By not accessing all information available to us, we are greatly limiting the “realm of possibilities” that we have. 

Why aren’t we accessing this information? 

Because we are operating from the perspective of what we are comfortable with, safe with or what we believe based on past experiences.  This is operating from the conscious mind. 

You have heard of the “universal consciousness” or “universal mind”.  It is here, at this place that the information for all possibilities can be accessed.  But to get at this information, you literally have to “Go out of your mind” – your conscious mind.  You have to get the conscious mind out of the way so the unconscious mind can engage.  It is here that all possibility for success, healing, and transformation or change can occur. 

You might think this sounds impossible, but it is just a skill like any other that with a little practice can be mastered.

Another important part of the BioEssence training is the concept of “intentional thinking”.  You will learn about how “thought” or a “thought form” is just another form of energy and that thoughts are very powerful tools for manifestation.  In Chinese medicine they say “Chi follows Yi”, where Chi is energy and Yi is thought or intention. 

So energy follows thought and the minute the thought goes out of your mind, it will begin to manifest perfectly whatever it was you were thinking.  Unfortunately, our thoughts will manifest positive as well as negative outcomes.  It is a matter of paying attention to what you are thinking. 

If you think, “I have so much to do today.  I’m not going to have enough time to get it all done”, then you have just manifested “not enough time”.  Or, if you are always thinking about what you don’t want or what isn’t right about your life, guess what?  You are going to manifest more of exactly what you don’t want.  If you look at your pet or your child and think, “I wish they were better behaved”, then you have just manifested more disobedience.  A better thought would be to see them being a well behaved child or pet.  Your thoughts create your reality – anywhere in life.  A better choice would be to see yourself or your life as you would like it to be. 

We have a saying – “WYSIWYG” – “What you see is what you get.”
Happiness and success is truly in your head, everything that happens and everything you become in your life starts with your thoughts…….
Additionally, and very unique to the BioEssence training is the ability to take the personality or identity profile and begin to understand how your brain works.  In reality, your brain is "wired" uniquely different than everyone else's. That means there are specific methods that work best for you to create more clarity in your life, build more confidence, and to solve problems. 

But... to know your specific methods you need to have a complete understanding of who you are.

In other words you must understand your personality before you can......

  • Become confident in everything you do (find and overcome the inner obstacles that trip you up)
  • Understand what happens when you become confused
  • Learn why you become frustrated and how to overcome it

Because your brain is so dynamic it is processing information at three different levels, two of which are below conscious -- which means more often than not your brain is running you rather than you running your brain.  This process can be reversed though.  When you understand how your own brain is processing information, you can begin to overwrite those below-conscious programs that control your life and turn them into beneficial and rewarding programs. 

By applying the techniques and information you learn in our BioEssence Energy seminars, you will begin to experience your life with a higher level of physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing and on a more conscious level, allowing you to become ON PURPOSE and INTENTIONAL in anything you choose to do.

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