Testimonials for BioEssence Energy


“I just had an Epiphany...we often ask and hear "why don't our dogs live longer"?  I truly believe that dogs were placed in our lives for very specific reasons, by God.  For each of us it is different, but don't you find yourself looking to your dogs for comfort when times are tough, stroking them when you are sad.  How many times has your dog sought you out when you needed comfort, or how many times were they really good when you had a bad day, what about alerting you to danger...how many times have you found yourself saying to them "how do you know"?  For a creature that is "lower on the food chain" they sure understand us humans.  They are not human, they do not have human emotions...but how do they know?

They know instinctively, as God has planned, we have been sent our dogs to lift our spirits, to bring us joy and happiness, to ease our burdens.  They ask for it, it is their call in life.  In doing this they take on the energy of our innermost thoughts, pains & sorrows, it can wear them down.

I learned this past weekend at the BioEssence Energy seminar that we all need to be grounded & release, we need to channel our energy and keep balance....we need to ground our dogs as well.  They need to release the negative energy that we unintentionally cast upon them...so it is our responsible to help them find that release.  And it is so very simple...let them play, let them run and tug and jump, dig & bark.  Get down on the ground and roll in the grass with them, for a time, just a moment, become one with your dogs.....they will be with you just a little longer if you do.” 

~ Julie B.
“I am interested in letting my animal friends know how wonderful the energy packets are for animals!  In particular, I am referring to my 6 yr old English setter “Bryan” that has had issues with other dogs and where he fits in.  Debi made energy packets for him and put them on his collar. Over a 1 1/2 month period, he has only had one issue with another dog. It was a puppy, and I had issues with her too! 

Today I took Bryan to Debi to get his back adjusted. She started by balancing him. I was amazed to watch the change come over him. With the packets on his back, Debi said she could feel muscle activity.  He gave a huge breath in and out and WOW!  The arch in his back was GONE and she hadn't even adjusted him yet...............That was only part of the experience.  She was working with his crown chakra, and all of a sudden he just sat down with a glaze in his eyes as though to say "WHAT WAS THAT?  You could see something happened by looking into his eyes.   When we got home he slept soundly for an hour. 

Today, I can say that “Bryan” is calmer, more confident, less serious about life and ready to have fun with other dogs.  I am so grateful for what you have given him and me with your skills and knowledge.  Thank you!!  He is actually lying near me now, which he never does.  I am very excited about this. I can't wait to let my friends know about it!!!  “Motley”, my cat, is next in line!”   

~Trisha G.
“The information on the identity profile from the BioEssence Energy seminar provided me with some great insight into how I relate to other people and the impact I might have on other personalities.  I found it helpful in relating to my dog also.  I am learning to be more understanding of this young dog that can't do everything as perfectly as I would like.  When I loosen up in my expectations and play with him more, he relaxes and is happy to try harder to please.  It makes for a more productive and energizing training session.  Thanks for the class.” 
~ S.H.
"I really enjoyed your "Applications to Animals" workshop last night! I found it to be very helpful. For people wanting to apply it to dogs, I think it is an essential training in addition to the introductory seminar.

Our epileptic dog Katie is a vital part of our household once again. She normally starts acting haunted when she is going to have a seizure. But I can say that she has not acted haunted since she got her collar. And she was headed in that direction when I got it. I see her as a full blown character rather than the drugged dog that didn't feel good that she had become. I used to feel that she was dying. Now I don't feel that way. I feel that we do still have time together, and a reasonable amount of time. She is doing fine and is seizure free so far. All in all, she is very happy and doing just great. Thanks!

Dani use to be uncomfortable about me doing the work on her but last night, she was very relaxed. After I did Katie and Dani, all 3 dogs were collapsed on the floor like mostly deflated helium balloons. It was amazing to see them all zoned out."
~ Mary H
“I have seen such a change in Badger since our session. Her disposition has changed so much since using the BioEssence Energy collar with the cards. She is so much more relaxed. She would not tolerate a dog in her face before without snapping at them. She is now allowing the new puppy to jump on her and take toys away from her. She is a totally different dog and is so much more content and happy. I just returned from an agility trial in Utah. Badger had the best performance in three years. She had fun and ran faster than I have seen in some time. Her new attitude is amazing.”
~ Addy H.
“After my first Bioessence Energy workshop I tried my new skills on my first client. I started with the brain balance, then the trust connections. From there I went right to time travel. I found a time in her past where she carried guilt and shame around some relationships. We used the question, "What would it feel like to be free from guilt and shame?" I held one card on her brainstem and the other on her heart. My hand on her heart became wet from her tears. When she finished processing she was very moved by the session and felt a big shift.

A few days later I called her and asked her how she felt about our session using the energy packets. She said that she felt like we went back in time - to those relationships - and erased the emotion of that event that she had carried with her for all of these years. That was a very powerful confirmation to me of the power of intention. I felt like a complete novice and just improvised most of the session - but my intent was clear.

What I like best about BioEssence Energy work is that anyone can do it. To succeed you just have to get out of your mind (stop thinking) and hold the intention to help and to heal.”
~ Joyce H.
"My doctor referred me to the Sante’ Longevity Center to resolve some physical issues that I was having. My expectation was to physically go through the Sante’s cleansing protocol for 10 days, but I had NO IDEA that there was so much more to my healing. During the introduction, we were taught that emotional health and physical health go hand-in-hand. Secretly I thought, “No problem. I don’t have any emotional issues so I can skip that part.” However, I WAS committed to getting full healing, so I was OPEN to whatever was needed.

As the week progressed, I was getting some physical improvement, but not the large breakthrough that I was expecting. About ½ way through the program, I was introduced to Bio Essence energy balancing and suddenly the dam broke—both physically and emotionally—and I was able to get the breakthrough that I was needing. The energy balancing was in an area of my life that I had NO IDEA was an issue, relating to sudden deaths in my family when I was three. Much to my surprise, in my personal energy balancing session, the incident came to my mind, and I experienced an emotional release that is hard to explain. I didn’t cry and I wasn’t upset or physically emotional, but deep in my being I felt a tightness relax—similar to cutting off a tight rubber band—and I felt like I didn’t have to be guarding my heart anymore. After that incident, so many things changed. My personality seemed “softer”, I saw new insights that were “ah-has” to me, my physical healing speeded up dramatically, and I had a new confidence and security that became a new norm for me.

The Bio Essence process is definitely NOT a “one-size fits all” experience. My healing process was totally different from the next person’s, and it was specifically tailored to my needs. Two weeks ago I would have thought that you were crazy if you told me that energy balancing was an essential ingredient in my healing. Now after experiencing it, I see it a VITAL tool in health. In 10 days at the Sante’ center with the integration of Bio Essence along with their other protocols, I received healing that would have taken years to experience in the traditional sense. The Sante’ staff is on the cutting edge of medical technology, and I’m so thankful that I was able to find such a treasure."
~ Cathie G.
"I want to thank you and Jeff for such an amazing opportunity to be part of your BioEssence Program. When I first heard of this and the results you were getting, I immediately thought of my family with its multitude of health and relationship problems. With all of the health issues, as you can imagine, our financial situation was very bleak. But still I made the investment to take myself, my husband, my daughter and her husband and a niece that we had raised to one of your seminars. I was anxious to see what it could do for our health issues but didn’t know and didn’t really consider what it would do for our relationship issues. (Even though I know they all connect, crazy huh). This class made a huge impact on all of us immediately! What a change! In our health, in our communication, in our outlook and direction in life! We are total believers in BioEssence; count us all in for future seminars. I can’t wait for the next seminar to bring the rest of my family and friends!

We were all asked to take the identity profile online and bring to the class. Some of us breezed though the profile, some struggled, and even then weren’t sure what they had done. This was the key. It helped identify each of us in how we perceive life and react in situations. With Jeff’s interpretation of the color wheel, and identifying who we were born as, who we were imprinted as and who we perceive ourselves as, it gave each of us acceptance for the other person and most importantly ourselves, now realizing our strengths and weaknesses, knowing that opposites attract and we need to allow each person to be themselves in order for the whole to survive. It allowed us to accept who we are and make the best of our natural makeup, not trying to change it but using it to the best advantage. The identity profile was ever so helpful and insightful into our relationship as a family and I have carried it on very successfully to our business projects.

As far as the health issues, which I had told you were many; ranging from severe shoulder injuries requiring cadaver grafting, to adrenal dysfunction with a life altering effect, to brain stem injuries with a death sentence. We had all exhausted the conventional method possibilities and had been seeing complimentary or alternative doctors for several years. We had all seen improvement with these treatments, but it was a slow, constant process on a continual basis, but much better than the alternative. In just a few short sessions with BioEssence we have seen relief and improvement in many of our symptoms and have new hope for the future. My daughter and I who have always approached each other as magnets on opposite poles, are now talking everyday and working together on community and business projects that we have had amazing results with. We make sure we are carrying our cards with us when we go on new meetings. BioEssence is my new drug of choice, what a high on life we are experiencing! Keep up the good work Debi & Jeff!"
~ Sue Marostica