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Introduction to BioEssence Energy
February 5-6 in Idaho Falls, ID
Introduction to BioEssence Energy<br>February 5-6 in Idaho Falls, ID

  Enroll before February 3 and pay only $199.

  If you have never felt energy or experienced energy work before, this workshop is a perfect way to start. If you are an experienced energy worker, BioEssence Energy will offer you a new experience in energy medicine.
  BioEssence Energy training is using your "thought form" or intention and amplifying it using a breakthrough technology energy packet to alter the subtle energies within the biological body.
  When you attend the BioEssence Energy Seminar you will be learning how to feel and influence energy in the body, whether it is for healing purposes or to maximize physical and/or mental/emotional energy and balance.
  You will be introduced to new ways of thinking; the concept of "intentional thinking" as well as learning to engage the unconscious mind to access a "Realm of Possibilities" for solution.
  And you will be learning about yourself; how your brain works and how you process information.

What you will learn:

Overview of BioEssence Energy and Understanding the "Spiritual Essence" energy

  • What is BioEssence Energy
  • What makes BioEssence Energy unique to other energy healing modalities
  • Your personality profile, how your brain is programmed. Start to understand how this information is an important tool to healing your life.
  • The three types of energy recognized by BioEssence Energy
  • Why the three energy's are addressed in a specific order
  • The BioEssence Energy Packets and the advantages of using them in energy work
  • You will learn how to do a "Trust Connection"
  • You will learn how and why to balance the brain, re-establish the innate "trust" connections and establish energy flow from head to toe
  • The importance of "Intention" Ask, see and receive
  • The power is in the question - "Open ended" questions
  • Learn to feel the BioEssence energies
  • Learn to send and receive energy
  • "Spiritual Essence" energy - what is it, how to evaluate it and how to balance it
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